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Student ticket

Discount on periodic tickets

As a student you get a 40% discount on periodic tickets, the most reasonable ticket for you. Periodic tickets are available with a t:card, or in the app AtB Mobillett.

Travel card, t:card
t:card is an electronic travel card that has the most reasonable ticket available. Order a t:card here. A periodic ticket can last anywhere between 30 and 180 days, and the longer the period you choose, the lower the daily cost. With a t:card you can travel as much as you want within the time period you have chosen. Register your t:card on the card reader when entering the bus, either in the front or middle entrance. Periodic tickets are not valid on the night bus.

Top up your t:card in our Online Store.

AtB Mobillett
With the app AtB Mobillett you can buy a 30 day periodic ticket with a student discount (40%). Register a Mobillett account and get 20% off single tickets. Always enter in the the front and show your Mobillett to the busdriver.

Always bring a student ID
A student ticket is not valid without a valid student ID. If you are unable to provide a valid ID for ticket inspection, you will be charged a penalty fee. 

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