New webshop for t:cards

Buy tickets in the new webshop for t:cards to travel with bus or tram.

The new webshop is designed to give you as a customer a better user experience and easier
administration of your tickets.

If you travel with a t:card by bus or tram, you should start using the new webshop right away. Eventually, those who travel by ferry will also switch to the new webshop and more tickets and functions will be added.

Same t:card - new webshop

You will use the same t:card you have today in the new webshop. Please note that when you register your t:card in the new webshop, the card's connection to the old webshop will cease to exist. Therefore, it is important that you use up any active tickets before you register your t:card in the new webshop.

News in the webshop

  • The ticket can be used as soon as you have purchased it. 
  • If you lose the t:card, you can easily "move" the ticket to another t:card in the webshop.
  • Are you used to refilling an amount to complete several single trips? It will be replaced with clip cards - 10 single tickets purchased at once. Clip cards will soon be available.

How to use the new webshop

The new webshop is for the time being only in Norwegian, so we have translated some key words and phrases to help you.

  • Available periodic tickets in the new webshop:

    • 7-day ticket
    • 30-day ticket
    • 180-day ticket

    More tickets are coming:

    • Clip cards - 10 single tickets purchased at once 
    • Selecting a period of time between 30 and 180 days
    • Miljøbillett
    • Youth ticket
    • Tickets for ferry
    • Solution where you can buy and manage tickets on behalf of others
    • Move your tickets between t:card and app

    Youth ticket and Miljøbillett can in the meantime be purchased in the app AtB Mobillett.

    The clip card will replace the value of t:card

    Are you used to refilling an amount to complete several single trips? It will be replaced with the purchase of clip cards - 10 single tickets purchased at once. Clip cards will be available soon.

    Ticket refund

    If you have a value left on your t:card that you have not used up before you switch to using the new webshop, we will refund it. Submit application for refund.

    MORE: Ticket refund


  • The first time you log in to the new webshop, you must create a new AtB profile. The profile will take care of all your future tickets and travel preferences.

    Create an AtB profile

    Choose whether you want to use a mobile number or e-mail.

    Enter your mobile number and receive a one-time code by SMS. If you select "I would rather use e-mail", you will receive an e-mail to confirm that you want to log in.

    Follow the steps to complete the profile:

    1. Profile information
      The information you fill in here will simplify the use of the online store.

    2. Consent
      You can consent to us contacting you by e-mail with relevant information.

    3. Add t:card
      Use the same t:card that you already have. Enter the t:card number (16 digits).
      You can also add t:cards later under Edit profile in the online store.

  • How to buy a periodic ticket in the new webshop

    1. Log in to the webshop at
    2. Click on Kjøp ny periodebillett (Buy new season ticket) and select the ticket that suits you.
    3. Check that the passenger category is correct.
    4. Choose whether the ticket will be valid from the time of purchase or select a start date and time in the future.
    5. Make sure the zones you are traveling in are correct. See zone map if you are unsure.
    6. When you are ready to complete the purchase lick on Gå til oppsummering (Go to summary).
    7. Make sure you have made the right choices in the summary.
    8. Select Vipps, Visa or MasterCard and click on Gå til betaling (Go to payment).

    When the purchase is completed, the ticket will be visible in your AtB profile. If you chose the ticket to be valid from the time of purchase, you can travel immediately.

    Remember to bring your t:card with you when you travel.

  • Equipment for reading t:cards is being replaced. For a period of time, this means that you will experience some changes when you travel. If you are unable to validate the t:card, you can still go on board and take a seat. In the event of a ticket inspection, the inspector will see if you have a valid ticket and you will not receive a fee.

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We are happy to help you

Do you have challenges in using the new webshop? Contact the AtB customer service on telephone 02820, use the contact form or visit us at the AtB service center in Prinsens gate 41.

We are upgrading!

The launch of the new webshop is one of several news in 2021. We are upgrading to a new ticket system that involves both a new app, a new webshop and new t:card readers.