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How the corona situation affects the public transport.

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Bus and tram, the Trondheim area

AtB Mobillett

Get the app AtB Mobillett in your app store. Buy single ticket, 24h ticket or periodic ticket for 7, 30, 60, 90 and 180 days for bus and tram. 7 day ticket is not available in the student category.

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Purchase your ticket in zone A by sending the right code, for example [VOKSEN], to 2027. Purchase several tickets by writing a space and how many tickets you need after the code word, for example [BARN 3]. The ticket is valid for 90 minutes from the moment of purchase. Note that the SMS-ticket only is valid on the phone used to purchase the ticket, and that a forwarded SMS-ticket is invalid.


  • Voksen
  • Barn
  • Honnør
  • Sykkel
  • Militær
  • 24t (only available for adult)

Code words translated:

  • Voksen - Adult
  • Barn - Child
  • Honnør - Senior
  • Sykkel - Bike
  • Militær - Army
  • 24t - 24 hours

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t:card periodic ticket

Periodic ticket on t:card that have been already validated is still valid. You must validate your t:card at a metro station when you have a brand new periodic ticket, after the old one expires. If you purchase a new periodic ticket, we recommend you to use the app AtB Mobillett. 

t:card single ticket

If you have a t:card with auto travel, you must validate your t:card on each trip so that a ticket is charged. If not, you do not have a valid ticket.

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Ticket machines and retailers

You can buy tickets on ticket mashines or retailers, but we recommend you to use our self serviced systems AtB Mobillett or SMS-ticket.

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