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855 Garten - Storfosna

Prices from February 1st 2021.

Prices for passenger

Price applies to passenger travel without vehicle.

Billett person
TicketFull price

Prices for vehicle

Price applies to one vehicle including one driver.

LengthGarten - Storfosna
0,0-6,0 m113
6,01-7,0 m239
7,01-8,0 m271
8,01-10,0 m418
10,1-12,0 m494
12,1-14,0 m593
14,1-17,0 m674
17,1-19,0 m781
19,01-22,0 m847
Electric <6,0 m57
Electric >6,01 m120

Prices for vehicles with trailer

Vehicles with a trailer of a total of more than 6 meters, pay as one vehicle. This means that the total length of the vehicle and trailer applies. Vehicles under 3501 kg and less than 6 meters that use trailers pay as follows:

  • Total length less than 6 m: 1 x single ticket under 6 m.
  • Total length between 6.01 m and 10 m: 2 x single ticket under 6 m.
  • Total length from 10.01 m and up: 3 x single ticket under 6 m.