Night bus

In Trondheim you can buy a ticket for the Night bus (Nattbussen) via ticket machines in downtown Trondheim, via Mobillett, cash on board or with t:card (t:card value).

On Night buses route 138 and route 410, you can buy your ticket in cash, with Mobillett or t:card value. On Route 410, you can also pay by credit card.

We recommend that you have your ticket ready in advance.


Fares Code Fare
Trondheim Natt1 100,00
Klæbu, Malvik, Melhus og Skaun Natt2 150,00
Stjørdal and Orkdal Natt3 200,00

Fares are from Trondheim to the various municipalities. Travelling within a municipality applies fare Natt1, 100 NOK.

Example: if you travel from Malvik via Trondheim to Melhus, without bus transfer, Natt3, 200 NOK applies.