Zone D

Zone D consists of Namdalseid, Flatanger, Namsos, Fosnes, Overhalla, Grong, Høylandet and Snåsa.

Use the map below to find out which zone you travel in.

We note that the stops in the map may differ from actual location. The map shows which zone the stop is located so you can find out which zones you need for a ticket. To plan your trip, you can use the app AtB Reise or travel planner.

Overview of last stop before new zone

Fv 715 to zone C1: Meungen

Fv 17 to zone C6: Morkabrekka

E6 to zone C6: Hammeraunan

Fv 763 to zone C6: Strindmoen

E6 to zone E1: Fjæringen

Fv 74 to zone E1: Godejord

Fv 769 to zone E2: Lund fergekai

Fv 776 to zone E2: Straumen Tverrlandet

Fv 17 to zone E2: Laukholm