How to buy a ticket

Find out how you purchase a ticket to travel with bus, tram, boat and train in Trøndelag.

Free ferry from July 1st 2022

From July 1st Seven ferry connections in Trøndelag are free for both vehicles and passengers. See which ferries this appleies to and information about refund of pre-purchased tickets.

READ MORE: Free ferry from July 1st

If you use a mobile as a means of payment or have a periodic ticket on t:card, you must buy the ticket before boarding the bus.

  • With the AtB Mobillett app you can buy tickets to travel with bus, tram, boat, ferry and train (zone A) in Trøndelag. The ticket is only valdid on the phone it was purchased with and a screenshot is not valid.

    Download from your app store

    Google Play store App store responsive-focuspoint focus-horizontal-50 focus-vertical-50   

    Buy ticket

    Choose method of payment. Buy single or periodic ticket.


    Make sure you have a valid ticket before boarding. The ticket must be bought with the travelers phone.

    More information about AtB Mobillett

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  • With SMS you can buy a ticket for travel by bus and tram in Trøndelag and train in zone A. 

    SMS-ticket only is valid on the phone used to purchase the ticket, and a forwarded SMS-ticket is invalid.

    Buy ticket by sending the correct code , for example [VOKSEN] or [VOKSEN2S], to 2027. Buy more tickets by adding a space and number after the code, for example [BARN 3] or [BARN2S 3]. 

    You must receive an SMS ticket in return for the ticket to be valid.


    Travel in zone A (valid 90 minutes)

    • VOKSEN
    • BARN
    • HONNØR
    • SYKKEL
    • 24t

    Travel in 1 zone (valid 90 minutes)

    • VOKSEN1S
    • BARN1S
    • HONNØR1S
    • SYKKEL1S

    Travel in 2 zones (valid 120 minutes)

    • VOKSEN2S
    • BARN2S
    • HONNØR2S
    • SYKKEL2S

    Travel in 3 zones (valid 4,5 hours)

    • VOKSEN3S
    • BARN3S
    • HONNØR3S
    • SYKKEL3S

    If you buy a ticket for zone A after 18 pm on weekdays or all of Saturday, Sunday and public holidays, it is valid for three hours.

    24-hour ticket is only available for adult in zone A via SMS.

    Travel with night bus and night tram

    • NATT1
    • NATT2
    • NATT3

    NATT1 costs NOK 100 and is for travels in Trondheim.

    NATT2 costs NOK 150 and is for travels to Klæbu/Malvik/Melhus/Skaun.

    NATT3 costs NOK 200 and is for travels to Stjørdal and Orkdal.

    Codes translated

    • Voksen - Adult
    • Barn - Child
    • Honnør - Senior
    • Sykkel - Bike
    • Militær - Army

    Payment is automatic with AtB Mobillett konto or phone bill. The ticket is automatically paid with AtB Mobillett konto if your balance is sufficient. If you don't have one, or if the balance is insufficient, payment is automatically done with phone bill.

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  • Are you travelling in Trondheim for a short while? Tickets bought at retailers are a good option for visitors and tourists. The ticket is valid on bus, tram and train in zone A from the moment of purchase.

    How to use your ticket

    • Choose between single ticket (90 minutes) or 24-hour ticket.
    • Buy the ticket at a retailer.
    • With a valid ticket from the retailer, you can board the bus without showing your ticket. Tickets from retailers are printed as a receipt from the cash register, and will therefore be somewhat different depending on where you have bought it.
    • Take care of the ticket until the journey is complete in case of ticket inspection.

    If you buy a ticket for zone A after 18 pm on weekdays or all of Saturday, Sunday and public holidays, it is valid for three hours.


    • Extra Grilstad
    • Extra Kolstad
    • Extra Flatåsen
    • Extra Risvollan
    • Extra Ila
    • Extra Ringvålveien
    • Extra Rosenborg
    • Extra Moholt
    • Extra Tempe
    • Extra Leüthenhaven
    • Mega Valentinlyst
    • Obs! City Lade
    • Obs! City Syd
    • Prix Jakobsli
    • Prix Kattem


    • Byhaven
    • City Syd
    • Dronningens gate
    • Heimdal
    • Lade
    • Lilletorget
    • NardoCenteret
    • Prinsenkrysset
    • St. Olavs Akutten
    • Sirkus Shopping
    • Tillertorget
    • Trondheim S
    • Trondheim Torg
    • Valentinlyst


    • Elgeseter
    • Leangen
    • Munkvoll
    • Rosendal
    • Rosten
    • St. Olavs hospital
    • Tempe
    • Thomas Angellsgate
    • Øvre Bakklandet

    Zone A includes

    • All of Trondheim, Malvik, Melhus and Stjørdal and Skaun.

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  • On AtB's ticket machines, you can buy a ticket for bus, tram and train in zone A. Pay with credit card or cash (ticket machines do not give change back). The ticket is valid from the moment of purchase.

    Choose between

    • Single ticket for adult, child, senior, military, dog and bicycle (valid for 90 minutes).
    • 24 hour ticket for adult, child and senior (valid for 24 hours.

    If you buy a ticket for zone A after 18 pm on weekdays or all of Saturday, Sunday and public holidays, it is valid for three hours.

    With a valid ticket from a ticket machine you can go right on board. Keep your ticket during your trip in case of a ticket inspection.

    Zone A includes

    • All of Trondheim, Malvik, Melhus, Stjørdal and Skaun.

    Following bustops got ticket machines 

    • Anders Buens gate
    • Anders Søyseths veg
    • Arnt Smistads vei 1
    • Bekkasinveien
    • Bergheim
    • Bjørndalstoppen
    • Bratsbergveien 1
    • Bratsbergveien 2
    • Casper Lundes veg
    • Hallset
    • Høgskoleringen
    • Johan Falkbergets vei
    • Lade Idrettsanlegg
    • Lerkendal 1
    • Lerkendal 2
    • Loholtbakken
    • Martin Linges veg
    • Nyveibakken
    • Ranheim idrettsplass
    • Skansen
    • Skyttervegen
    • Solsiden
    • Stabells vei
    • Strindheim 1
    • Studentersamfundet 2
    • Tillerterminalen
    • Tonstadkrysset 1
    • Travbanen
    • Travbanen 2
    • Østre Berg 1
    • Østre Lund 1 

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  • Order t:card

    Order t:card for free in the mail. You can also buy one for NOK 50 at AtB service center.

    Top up t:card

    Top up and pay in webshop for t:card or at AtB service center. You will always find the webshop at the top right.

    Fyll på og betal i nettbutikk for t:kort, på AtB kundesenter eller hos sjåfør eller mannskap i områder som ikke dekkes av nettbutikk. 


    Make sure you have a valid ticket.

    We are upgradring

    A new and more user-friendly webshop for t:card is available at For a period of time, both the current and the new webshop will be available. You will easily see which one to use based on how you travel, and you use your existing t:card in the new webshop.

    Read about what it means for you.

    How to make sure the ticket is valid

    Remember that you are responsible for having a valid ticket when you travel.

    • If you have a periodic ticket, it will start on the date you chose when you bought the ticket.
    • If you have a punch card (bus and tram) or auto travel value (boat), you must validate the t:card at each trip so that a ticket is drawn.

    More information about t:card

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  • Pay with AutoPASS for ferry on the following routes:

    • 870 Brekstad - Valset
    • 880 Flakk - Rørvik
    • 965 Hofles - Geisnes - Lund
    • 985 Seierstad - Ølhammeren

    Register a payment agreement

    Visit AutoPASSferry and register a payment agreement to get a discount.

    Pay in advance

    With a payment agreement you get a 50% discount on vehicle as a private customers, 40% for vehicle as a corporate customer, 17% on passenger tickets (route 960, 965 and 985), and 10% with AutoPASS chip but no agreement (route 870 and 880). 

    Drive on board

    Method of payment depence on which ferry connection you travel with.

    870 Brekstad - Valset

    The crew registers your payment by scanning the chip in your front window with a hand held chip reader.

    880 Flakk - Rørvik

    Automatically prior to boarding. If you do not have a chip, you will be sent an invoice.

    965 Hofles - Geisnes - Lund, 985 Seierstad - Ølhammeren

    The crew registers your payment by scanning your ferry card with a hand held card reader. You pay for the vehicle including one driver, and passengers.

  • Get guidance and buy tickets at AtB service center.

    Choose between

    • Single ticket adult, child or senior for one or more zones. Valid from the moment of purchase.
    • Disposable travel card. The card works as the travel card t:card, and is pre-loaded with 24-hour ticket adult, child or senior. The ticket is valid for 24 hours from first use. Only for zone A.
    • Buy a new t:card for NOK 50. Top up with value, auto travel or buy periodic ticket.

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  • After choosing how to buy your ticket, you must choose which ticket is best for you.

    Single ticket

    The single ticket is valid for one trip in the zone or zones for which you purchased a ticket. This ticket is suitable for those who do not travel as often.

    24 hours ticket

    The 24-hour ticket is valid in one zone for 24 hours from the time you purchase or activate it. It is worthwhile to buy a 24-hour ticket if you are traveling three or more times in one day.

    Periodic ticket

    The periodic ticket applies to an unlimited number of trips in the zones for which you have purchased a ticket. You can buy a periodic ticket for seven days or from 30 to 180 days. It is worthwhile to buy a periodic ticket if you are going to travel five or more times in a week. A 180-day ticket costs the same as five 30-day tickets. That means you get 30 days for free.

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