Zone A adjustments

On wednesday the 6th of March, the zone boundaries is moved for travel by bus in Skaun and Malvik. 

Zone A consists of Trondheim, Malvik, Klæbu, parts of Melhus and parts of Skaun. The boundaries are now moved and become a larger area. 

The new zone includes: 

  • All of Trondheim and Klæbu. 
  • Malvik until last stops Hommelvik toll station (E6), Muruvik (FV24) and Sneisen (FV963). 
  • Melhus until last stops Ler (E6) and Hove Camping (FV708). 
  • Skaun until last stops Storsand (FV800), Børskrysset (E39, includes bus further to Eggkleiva//Fokset/Venn Skole) and Hove Camping (FV708)

Periodic ticket 

If you have a periodic ticket for zone A on t:card or the app AtB Mobillett, you can travel in the new zone from the 6th of March without having to make any changes.