Welcome to the new atb.no

Atb.no renewed. Find out how to get from A to B across the county in the new information portal for public transport in Trøndelag.

new atb.noFrom January 1st 2018, the public transport in all of Trøndelag is AtB's responsibility. At atb.no you will be able to plan your trip, read about what tickets are best for you, top up the travel card and find prices wherever you live in the county.

Until the two counties have become one they will be referred to as Sør- and Nord-Trøndelag on some pages before all information and functionality will be gathered in one place. We can assure you that you will be guided to updated information when visiting our website today.

Experience the county with the travel planner

Use the travel planner to find tour trip from A to B. Towards 2018, the city, regional and local routes throughout the new Trøndelag county will be added so you can easily find the trip that best suits you.

Give us your feedback!

Feedback from our customers is the basis for how we have built the new atb.no. It should be easy for everyone to find the website and it should be easy to understand the information.

In order for us to provide you with the best information portal for public transport in Trøndelag, we still rely on feedback. Please let us know if you miss or dislike anything. This gives us the opportunity to make changes and improve the website.

The work with the new atb.no is not done. Next up is the webshop for t:card. This will be updated in the first quarter of 2018.