We have expanded the single ticket in zone A

Travel as much as you want for three hours with a single ticket purchased on Saturday, Sunday, public holidays and after 18 on weekdays - in Trondheim, Melhus, Malvik, Stjørdal and Skaun!

Now you can travel even more on one single ticket in zone A! This is because the single ticket is extended to last a full three hours when it is purchased or started after 18 pm on weekdays or all of Saturday, Sunday and public holidays.

Single ticket = 3 hours after 6 pm in zone A

Use your single ticket for bus, tram, train and flexible transport - the offer applies to both city lines, regional lines, trains and flexible transport throughout zone A. The ticket must be valid before you board, but it is OK if it expires during the journey.

With a ticket that is valid for a full three hours, you can enjoy a variety of small errands or leisure activities on one and the same ticket.

Family weekend

Saturdays, Sundays and Bank Holidays in Norway (not the 17th of May), you who are 20 years or older can bring along 4 children under 18 for free with any adult ticket, senior ticket and student ticket on travels with bus or tram in one zone.

Are you going to take the family on a city trip, to the countryside, to the cinema or to your aunt this weekend? Save money by traveling with puplic transport and family weekend. For example, a family with two adults and four children can travel to and from the weekend's fun for only 82 kroner. Now THAT's a bargian!

Zone A

Ticket zone A includes Trondheim, Melhus, Malvik, Stjørdal and Skaun. This means that you can travel both far and wide for NOK 42 for an adult or NOK 21 for a child or senior. If the journey starts or ends outside zone A, you must remember to buy a ticket for the right zones. Extended validity on single tickets only applies in zone A.