We are changing the ticket system

Do you travel with t:card on a bus or tram in the Trondheim area? We are changing the equipment on board. Read about how it will affect you when you travel.

From Monday June 28th, the card readers on buses and trams in the Trondheim area will be replaced. It  will be completed in early August.

This is how it affects you

In the beginning, most buses will still have today's card reader. The closer we get to August, the more buses will be updated with a new card reader.

If you see this card reader, you will not be able to validate your t:card, but you can go on board and take a seat. In case of a ticket inspection, the inspector will be able to see if you have a valid ticket, and you will not receive a fee.

Also remember that you can buy single tickets in several ways:

  • AtB Mobillett
  • Send SMS
  • Ticket machine
  • Retailers

MORE: How to buy a ticket

Card readers at metro stations

The card readers at the metro stations will work up to and including August 6th. On August 7th they will be upgraded to the new ticket system.

We are upgrading!

The ticket equipment is changed in connection with us upgrading. We are in the process of gathering the various services for ticket purchases and travel planning and make it easier for you as a customer. 

Closed front doors until further notice

On buses and trams in the Trondheim area, the front doors are closed until further notice. This means that you can not board the front to buy a ticket or read your t: card, and it will not have any effect that we change equipment.