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The front doors on region buses and trams are now open for travelers with card

Front door on all buses in regions and trams are open for boarding, but only for those with t:card value/autotravel, to start a periodic ticket, in addition to credit card.

AtB and operators, including their safety representative, have worked together to find a solution where front door on the buses and trams can be opened. Travelers with t:card and credit card will now be able to purchase their ticket on board.

AtB has an ongoing dialogue with the local health authorities regarding changes in the corona situation, and considers measures if necessary.

From 21st of September the following applies:

  • Boarding in front only if you use t:card value/autotravel value, to start a periodic ticket or pay with credit card.
  • Others must board through the middle or back door.
  • No cash payment on board.

For travelers with t:card or credit card

For those who travel with t:card value, t: card car atotravel, starting a new periodic ticket on t:card or pay with bank card.

  • Have the card ready before boarding, and preferably visable to the driver.
  • Validate the card on a card reader or bank terminal. Do this quickly and at a good distance from the driver.
  • If you travel from a metro station, the t:card must be validated on the card reader at the stop before boarding.
  • Maximum refill of t: card value on regional bus is NOK 500. Must be paid by bank card.
  • If you have a periodic ticket you do not need to validate the t:card for each trip.

For travelers with pre-purchased ticket

Use the middle and back door if you have an AtB Mobillett, SMS ticket or other pre-purchased ticket. We recommend pre-purchased tickets in the app AtB Mobillett or SMS. It is easier and more efficient for you, the driver and your fellow passengers.

On board the bus

  • Yellow markings on the floor and window by the driver show where you should stay and not.
  • Front row seats will be unavailable.
  • For the sake of infection control, it is encouraged to sit shoulder to shoulder rather than standing or sitting towards each other.


No disembarking through front door. Exit only through middle and back door. All doors will still open automatically at each stop.

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