Night bus and -tram

Information about night bus and -tram.

Timetables for night bus and tram

The night bus and -tram runs every Saturday and Sunday night in the Trondheim area and Stjørdal. The night bus in Trondheim and Klæbu runs every half hour from 01:00 am. to and including 03:00 am. Line 112 Trondheim - Bratsberg - Klæbu - Sandmoen and line 114 Trondheim - Spongdal - Rye, runs only at 02:00. Kine 4101 Trondheim - Orkanger runs only at 01:33 from Trondheim central station.

See timetables for night bus and night tram in Trondheim and the Trondheim area.

Find timetables for night bus and night tram in the app AtB and in our travel planner.

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Line map for night bus and tram

How to buy tickets

With a youth ticket and a periodic ticket in the categories senior and student, you have a night bus and tram included. You can also buy a night bus ticket in the app AtB Mobillett og SMS. 24-hour ticket is not valid on night bus and tram.

Have the ticket ready in advance. Read more about how to buy a ticket.

  • The app AtB does not have night bus tickets.

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