New public transport system from August 3rd

The Trondheim area is growing, and by 2030 we will be around 30.000 more inhabitants than today.

What does that mean for you?

The public transport system is built up as a network based on where people travel the most. The new system covers the Trondheim area (Trondheim, Malvik, Klæbu and Melhus).

The three metro lines and the city lines that link the city across, give you many travel opportunities, both in and between different parts of the city. The new public transport system becomes flexible, with buses running more often and accommodating more passengers. Fewer travelers must take a detour through the center of Trondheim. Regional buses will continue like today.

Your itinerary from August 3rd

Soon you will able to search your itinerary in the travel planner at

The app “AtB Reise” will be updated during the summer and new timetables will be posted on when they are completed.

New line numbers

Note that "your route" may have a new line number. The line number can be found in the route planner from August 3rd or at

Changing buses

If you need to change bus on your journey, the changeover will mainly take place at a node or crossing point where you do not need to cross the road.

Buy ticket

Buy ticket in advance - it always pays! It cost less and is more effective.

You can buy your tickets as if today, but from August 3rd you don’t need to show your mobile ticket, AtB Mobillett, or register your travel card to the driver.

Please note: If you are traveling from a metro line, you must purchase a ticket before boarding, regardless of whether you are traveling with a metro bus or a city bus.

Departures in real time

Our app, AtB Reise, and real time monitors at stops provide you with up-to-date information on when your bus is expected to arrive at the station or stop. You can also keep up-to-date with information screens onboard buses for information on upcoming stops and opportunities for transition.

Well on board

New and modern buses provide great comfort for those traveling, with lots of light, large floor areas and little noise. It is well organized for both sitting and standing. If you have an extra need to sit, you will find marked areas and seats in all buses.

The wheelchair and stroller areas will be easily accessible. For standing passengers there is good overview, support pillows and many holding rods.


Please dont hesitate to contact our service center.