Guidelines and measures

Information about how the corona situation affects public transport services. We thank our travelers for understanding and for showing consideration when traveling.

Face masks are mandatory

Face masks are mandatory if you can't keep a distance of one meter on public transport in Trøndelag, traveling with bus, tram, boat and taxi.

Stay updated on orders and other measures on your municipality's website.

Open front doors on all buses and trams in Trøndelag

On Wednesday January 19th, the front doors were opened after being closed for infection control reasons. This means that it is again possible for travelers to read the t:card on the ticket machine by the driver and buy tickets with cash or bank card. Because of infection control reasons the first row of seats are closed and we recommend using shortest possible time with the driver and to buy a ticket in advance if you can.

Travel by city bus and tram in the Trondheim area

Boarding in front only for you who are going to read t: card or pay in cash. No disembarkation in front. On the metro bus, all doors can be used.

Travel by regional bus

Boarding in front of everyone. No disembarkation in front.

Pre-purchased ticket

Remember to purchase your ticket before boarding.

Ticket options

When the front doors are closed, you can not validate your t:card on green city buses or trams. Validate on card reader at metro stations. If you do not travel from a metro station, you need to choose another ticket option.

On regional bus you can not pay with cash, bank card or validate t:card. Please choose another ticket option.

  • The app AtB Mobillett: Single or periodic ticket. The ticket is valid from the moment of purchase.
  • The app AtB: single ticket. The ticket is valid from the moment of purchase.
  • SMS: Single ticket. Send code word to 2027. The ticket is valid from the moment of purchase.
  • Ticket machine: Single ticket. On select metro stations in Trondheim. The ticket is valid from the moment of purchase.
  • Retailers: Single ticket or 24 hour ticket. Select retailers close to metro stations in Trondheim. The ticket is valid from the moment of purchase.
  • t:card: Periodic ticket. Top up t:card in the web shop or AtB service center. 

Night bus and -tram

All night buses and night tram are canceled until further notice.

Travel advice

  1. Do not travel with public transport if you are ill or suspect infection.
  2. Avoid traveling when many people are going the same way.
  3. If the bus is full, wait for the next departure if you can.
  4. Keep a safe distance at the stop and wait until people have got off before boarding.
  5. Fill the seats before standing. Sit shoulder to shoulder, avoiding face to face.
  6. If you travel by ferry, you can sit in the car at the crossing. This does not apply to 960 Skei - Gutvik.
  7. Wear a face mask based on the health authorities' orders and recommendations.
    • In several municipalities in Trøndelag face masks are mandatory or recommended. Stay informed about what applies to your municipality.
  8. Walk or use a bike if you can.
  9. Follow the National Institute of Health's advice on hand and cough hygiene.
  • For ordinary public transport we adhere to the National Institute of Public Health's infection control in public transport (bus, train, tram, etc.).
  • For school transport, a separate infection control guide has been prepared. 
  • Follow NIPH's guidelines for correct face mask use.

Information about the use of face masks in other languages.

Avoid congestion in the Trondheim area

To avoid congestion during rush hour we ask everyone to consider which line or departure you are traveling with. We have a good public transport network in the Trondheim area with many departures and good capacity.

READ MORE: Contribute to utilize the capacity in the Trondheim area

AtB service center

We're here to help you. If you have any questions please contact us in our chat, use our contact form or call us at +47 478 02 820. You can also find us in social media.

For more fact, advice and measures, visit the Public Health Institute's Coronavirus - Facts, Advice and Measures.

Thank you for contributing to infection prevention!