Free ferry from July 1st

Seven ferry connections in Trøndelag will be for free for both vehicles and passengers. Read about which ferries will be free and about refund of pre-purchased tickets.

Free ferry connections

The government has decided that all ferry connections with less than 100.000 passengers will be free for vehicles and passenger travel from July 1st 2022. In addition, Trøndelag County Municipality has decided that two additional connections also will be free. Applies to the following connections:

  • Route 820/821/825 Dyrøy - Øyrekka
  • Route 850 Dypfest - Tarva
  • Route 855 Garten - Storfosna
  • Route 860 Garten - Storfosna - Leksa - Værnes
  • Route 960 Skei - Gutvik
  • Route 963 Eidshaug - Gjerdinga
  • Route 966 Borgan - Ramstadlandet 


If you have tickets or a balance that you will not be able to use, you can apply for a refund. Note that refunds takes longer than normal, due to summer holidays and expectations of a large increase of cases.

t:card on ferry

t:card for ferry with cut card is refundable, both for vehicles and passenger travel. Fill out the form:

AutoPASS ferry agreement

If you have an AutoPASS ferry agreement, a refund must be demanded from Skyttel AS.