Extra buses for the finals

During the finals period of spring 2019, we have extra capacity on select routes.

Extra departures May 13 to June 7

Monday to Saturday from Monday 13th of May and until Friday 7th of June, the following extra departures will depart from Prinsens Gate P1 to Sluppen, with the exception of May 17th, May 18th and 30th:

  • 08.00
  • 08.05
  • 08.10
  • 08.15
  • 08.20

Other measures

Route 5 runs with larger buses every Sunday in May. In addition, buses in the city center are ready to drive if needed on routes 5, 8 and 9 towards Dragvoll and Risvollan. We have a good dialogue with NTNU, which is kept up to date on any changes.

We encourage all students to be ahead of time. 

Good luck on your finals!