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How the corona situation affects the public transport. Note! Changes for bus, regions from Monday March 30th.

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Changes in public transport

The public transport services throughout Trøndelag have been reduced. We thank our travelers for your understanding and for showing consideration when travelling.

Last updated, April 3rd, 2020, 12:00

Be considerate 

Beyond this, we adhere to the National Institute of Health's recommendations and orders, and encourage our travelers to do the same, and be a considerate to your fellow passengers and the drivers:

  •      Practice social distancing, make sure to keep a safe distance to other passengers
  •      Do not board if you see that the place is cramped, wait for the next bus
  •      If you have been in contact with the infection or are ill, do not use public transport
  •      Wash your hands frequently and thoroughly
  •      Walk or use a bike if you can
  •      Travel outside rush hour if you can

Changes in public transport services

From March 23rd and March 30th the public transport services in Trøndelag were reduced.

  • Bus services in regions are reduced 
  • Most school routes in Trøndelag are cancelled
  • Buses and trams in the Trondheim area run as Saturday routes with some extra departures on weekdays. Some departures will also have extra buses during rush hours. 
  • The number of departures on passenger boats and the ferries are reduced

Changes have been made to ensure adequate access to certified drivers and crew. This will contribute to a predictable operation of the transport services in the future.

Find your trip

Timetables at the bus stops have not been updated with new timetables. Find your journey in our other channels.

Find your trip in the app AtB Reise or the travel planner:

  • Travel planner

Follow our operational deviations (in Norwegian). Here you will find information about planned and unforseen changes to AtB's service.

New ticket solutions for boat and region bus

To reduce the risk of infection, restrictions have been introduced for ticketing. There is no ticketing on board. You cna buy your ticket with your mobile phone for all trips in Trøndelag.

On route 870 Brekstad - Valset and route 880 Flakk - Rørvik, use AutoPASS.

Customer service

AtB service center

AtB service center in Prinsens gate 41 and service point Rissa is closed from March 16th. 

We're here to help you. If you have any questions please contact us in our chat, use our contact form or call us at +47 478 02 820. You can also find us in social media.

Do you have any questions? See if you can find the answer here:

Lost and found

  • AtB's lost and found is closed. Only critical belonging can be collected after an appointment has been made.
  • Lost and found

Initiated measures

We evaluate the situation in Trøndelag from day to day. We try to limit situations where customers and public transport employees are in close contact with eachother. The most important thing is to reduce the risk of infection. This means that both travelers and employees have to adapt to the situation.

  • All doors are opened by the driver so that you don't hva to use the door open-button.
  • The front door is closed and barriers are installed behind the driver's seat on all buses. All boarding and disembarking is done at the other doors. All doors are still operative the metro buses.
  • The daily cleaning of all our vehicles and vessels throughout Trøndelag is hightend.
  • On ferries, passenger ferries and terminals, rubbing alcohol is available.

READ MORE: Public Health Institute's "Coronavirus - Facts, Advice and Measures" (external page)

We can all help to prevent transmission of the corona virus. Thank you for contributing!