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Changes from February 3rd, 2020

Trondheim’s public transportation system will undergo further improvements from February 3rd. Here is an overview of the most significant adjustments.

The new public transportation system in the Trondheim area has been in operation for almost six months. The period has provided AtB with valuable input. In addition, parts of the infrastructure, which were not in place for start-up, are now completed at the turn of the year.

You can now look up your itineraries and time tables, active from February 3 using the Travel planner or the travel app AtB ReiseTime tables are also available.

Metro lines

The three metro lines will start running earlier in the morning. The first departure on weekdays is at 05.15 AM. Sunday departures will also increase.

All departures on metro line 1, which have started and ended at Tonstadkrysset, will start and end at Tillerterminalen from February 3. It offers, among other things, a better solution for those living in Østre Rosten.

Line 10 Sæterbakken - Strindheim - sentrum - Nordslettveien: New starting point at Rate

Start point on line 10 Sæterbakken - Strindheim - sentrum - Nordslettvegen changes from Nordslettvegen snuplass to Rate and Ratesvingen. AtB has received feedback that the Nordslettvegen turnstile stop cannot be used as a stopover because the bus is in the way of car traffic and parking.

From February 3, line 10 will depart every 10 minutes during rush hour, as today. Four out of six departures per hour will start from Ratesvingen. These departures will also serve Nordslettvegen snuplass. The other two departures per hour will start Rate. These departures will not serve the Nordslettvegen snuplass stop.

This is done so as to keep travel time down, and based on the experience with passenger numbers and travel patterns from Nordslettvegen snuplass. Outside of rush hour, two out of three departures per hour will start from Ratesvingen and, thus, serve Nordslettvegen turnaround. The Nordslettvegen stop, is serviced at all departures.

Line 12 Dragvoll - Strindheim - sentrum - Marienborg: All the way to Nidarø

The start/end point on line 12 is changed from Marienborg to Nidarø on certain departures - approximately once an hour.

Line 20 Romolslia - sentrum - Ladehammer - Strindheim - Grilstad

Between 09:00 and 14:00 pm, every other departure will go via Tempe / Sluppen.

Line 21 Trolla / Ilsvika - sentrum - Pirbadet: New line 28 Ilsvika - Høgskoleringen - Brattøra

Today, line 21 leaves every other departure from Trolla or Ilsvika. Then the line continues via the sentrum to Brattøra. There is a need for better bus capacity over the University College and line 21 will therefore be divided in two. Departures from Trolla will be like today. Departures from Ilsvika will be given a new line number, line 28, and will cross the College, Rosenborg and Lademoen before ending the tour at Brattøra.

Line 44 Være - Ranheim - Strindheim and 79 Vikhammeråsen - Strindheim - (Sluppen)

Line 79 is strengthened with two extra departures in the morning and one in the afternoon on weekdays. This means that there will be a departure every 15 minutes during morning rush hour towards the city centre and between 15:00 and 16:00 from Trondheim city centre in the afternoon.

From February 3, line 44 will run until midnight on weekdays and weekends. To make this possible, the line will only service between Værestrøa and Ranheim.

Travelers from Værestrøa can also choose line 79 for travels to Strindheim. As line 44 is strengthened, there will no longer be a need for line 79 to serve the stops between Klokkerplassen and Nedre Humlehagen west in the evenings and Sundays. Line 79 therefore uses the Fv950 road throughout the day from February 3rd.

We see the need to meet, especially children and youth’s, need to travel to Ranheim in the evenings, and hope make additional improvements later in 2020.

Line 40 Flatåsen - Tonstad: Faster from the center to the Tonstad intersection with metro line 2

Following feedback from our customers, line 40 will correspond to metro line 2 at Tonstadkrysset 4 from 3 February. Today, metro line 1 corresponds to line 40. The change means that passengers going to Flatåsen no longer have to "detour" around the Tonstad intersection (Tonstadkrysset) on their way from Trondheim city centre.

In the direction of the city centre, there will be no changes. One can switch from line 40 to metro line 1 or 2 at Tonstad intersection (Tonstadkrysset).

Line 76 Flakkråa - Klefstadbukta - Spongdal: Direct from Byneset to Trondheim center with the same line number

One of the morning departures and one in the afternoon on Line 76 will run all the way to the centre of Trondheim.

Line 70 Stjørdal / Hommelvik - Strindheim - (Trondheim sentrum) will have more departures

The line today has departures with a 20 and 40 minute frequency in the evenings and parts of the weekends. This has led to some challenges for customers because there is not always correspondence between metro line 1 from Trondheim centre and the departure to Stjørdal / Hommelvik. The frequency on line 70 is therefore increased to departure every 20 minutes, even after 8pm on weekdays and Saturdays. Then there will be a corresponding departure for further travel when the metro line arrives at Strindheim. The offer on Sundays is the same as today's.

During rush hour (07.00-09.00 and 14.00-17.00), line 70, as before, leaves every 10 minutes.

Line 71 from Melhus: Direct route all day

The rush hour offer will be the same as before 3 February, with direct departures between Melhus skysstasjon and Trondheim city centre. During the rush hour, the Brekkåsen-Melhus skysstasjon route is operated by line 88, similar to today. Outside rush hour, including Saturday and Sunday, there will be direct services between Brekkåsen and Trondheim city center, with one departure per hour.

These changes were valid from December 2, 2019: The previous change to Line 71 has posed some challenges for travelers from Klett. To improve the bus service at Klett, some of the express departures to and from the centre of Melhus on line 71 are converted to regular departures. Ordinary departures include the Klettkrysset stop. There are only express departures from Melhus in the morning and from Trondheim in the afternoon.


One of the hubs that unfortunately was not completed at the start of the new public transport system on August 3 was Tillerterminalen. On the basis of uncertainty and consideration of changes in driving patterns in the midst of the Christmas rush, it has been decided, in consultation with both operators and recommendations from the Norwegian Public Roads Administration, that Tillerterminalen will be commissioned on February 3. A new terminal at Tiller will be very positive for travelers, and will be a far better node and embarkation point in a more central part of Tillerbyen.