Change of periodic ticket 180 days

Towards the summer, AtB will gradually transition to a new ticket system. This has some practical consequences for purchase of tickets in today's systems. In a transitional phase, it will therefore only be possible to buy longer periodic tickets in the app AtB Mobillett. Read more about when changes occur.

AtB is developing a new ticket system that will be introduced gradually until August 7th. This has some consequences for those who buy longer periodic tickets with t:cards.

180 days only available in AtB Mobillett

Tickets purchased on travel card t:cards in the current ticket system and web shop can not be read on new ticket machines from August. There will therefore be a gradual limitation in the number of days you can buy for your t:card until the new web shop are available.

A 180-day periodic ticket is therefore only available in AtB Mobillett until a new solution for t:cards is in place.

A new web shop for travel cards will be available during the spring, and in the new solution you will be able to use both the travel card t:card and mobile phones as today. If you have questions about AtB Mobillett - feel free to contact our service center.

Maximum length is reduced each month

In the web shop for t:card the maximum number of days for periodic tickets is reduced to 150 days from February 1st. Until August, the available length will be shorter each month:

  • From February 1st: 150 days
  • From March 1st: 120 days
  • From April 1st: 90 days
  • From May 1st: 60 days
  • From June 1st: 30 days

Developing new solutions together with our customers

As a mobility company, AtB will own, manage and improve its own services. This makes us much better able to involve and include our travelers, and it gives us a completely different flexibility in the improvements of our services.