Back to normal

The national guidelines and measures in connection with the corona situation have been largely repealed and we can travel as before. See what applies now.

Measures and guidelines have been largely repealed. There may still be local measures, so stay up to date on what applies in the municipality you are going to travel in. Also remember:

  • Stay home if you are sick
  • Have good hand and cough hygiene

How to buy a ticket

We are working to open all front doors and start with ticketing on board again. This may take some time and we still recommend buying a ticket before boarding. You do this easily in one of the following ways:

  • App AtB Mobillett
  • SMS-ticket
  • Webshop for t:card
  • Ticket machines (zone A)
  • Retailers (zone A)

MORE: How to buy a ticket

How to travel

You may experience that buses and boats have markings and barrier tape. This now applies:

  • All seats can be used on bus and boat.
  • Feel free to sit next to each other.
  • On regional lines you board in front and show your ticket. Alight using the rear and middle doors.
  • On green city lines in the Trondheim area, all doors can be used for boarding and alighting.