Fares and discount guidelines

Please note that anyone travelling on a discounted ticket, must produce proof of their entitlement upon request.

If you are entitled to a different discount than the ticket you are currently using, it is your responsibility to get a refund, or change the product by contacting an AtB Service center.


Child fare applies from 4 to 15 years. Children under 4 years of age travel for free.

Youth discount

Passengers from 16 to 19 years get a discount when travelling with t:card Periode. Regular adult fares apply on all other ticket types.

Student discount

When purchasing and travelling with t:card Periode, remember to bring valid student ID for current semester. Upper age limit for student discounts is 34 years. Student fares are set by government regulations.

The student discount applies to students with a valid Norwegian student ID.

Student discount is also given to international students who have ISIC -card with NSBlogo. The card must show your name and date of birth, place of study and currentsemester.


Adult fares applies from 16 to 66 years.

Senior discount

Senior discount applies from 67 years of age, as well as for persons who are disabled, blind or deaf-blind. Spouses/partners of persons travelling on senior discount can also travel on senior discount when travelling together. Please show valid ID when paying. Disabled and blind passengers requesting discount tickets must provide valid ID from the Norwegian Social Insurance System, The Norwegian Association of the Blind and Partially Sighted or similar in other countries.

Assistant ID

Passengers travelling with assistant must provide valid assistant ID. Passenger travel on senior discount, while assistant(s) travel for free. Please remember your senior/discount certificate.

Family Ticket

Applies when one or both parents (spouse/registered partner) travels together with own children under 16 years. Bikes and dogs are also covered by the family ticket discount. Transfers only valid for those family members who transfer together.

Group weekend (family weekend)

Saturdays, Sundays and Bank Holidays in Norway (not the 17th of May), you can bring along 4 children (and/or dog) for free with any adult ticket (purchased with t: card, Mobillett or cash). Offer valid per trip with the usual transfer with each ticket. Family weekend is offered on the green citybuses in the zone Stor-Trondheim.

Army discount

Child fare (single tickets)

Baby carriages

Free. Please note that there may be limited space on the bus.

Bikes, kickers and sleds

Child fare. Please note that there may be limited space on the bus.

Skis and other goods

Free and without responsibility for AtB.


Child fare (also when sitting on lap). Seeing eye dogs free of charge when together with blind passanger. Police dogs free of charge when together with police personnel in uniform.


All passengers (except adult fare passengers) must provide valid ID when requested (e.g. car license, bank card, pass or similar photo ID).