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See how the corona situation is affecting public transport.

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Trondheim area


  • Saturday service with extra departures from Monday Marc 23rd until further notice.
  • The night buses and night tram are cancelled from Friday March 13th until further notice. 
  • The app AtB Reise and the travel planner is updated.

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  • All travelers must buy a ticket in advance. 
  • You can use the app AtB Mobillett or SMS ticket as before.
    You can use t:card periodic ticket if you have a valid ticket or travel from a metro station, and t:card single ticket (auto travel) if you are travel from a metro station.
  • You can also buy a ticket at a ticket machine or from vendors, but we encourage ticket purchases with our self-service systems.
  • Cash payments and on-board ticketing has been suspended in due to the safety of both passengers and drivers.

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All doors are opened by the driver so that you don't hva to use the door open-button.

The front door is closed and barriers are installed behind the driver's seat. All boarding and disembarking is done at the other doors. All doors are still operative the metro buses.