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How the corona situation affects the public transport.

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Travel card t:card

Note! Restrictions to avoid infection

To reduce the risk of infection, restrictions on ticketing have been introduced. You can use t:card periodic ticket if you have a valid ticket. If you need a new periodic ticket, use the app AtB Mobillett.

Use the travel card t:card on bus, tram, boat and train in Trøndelag. 

Order t:card

Order t:card for free in the mail. You can also buy one for NOK 50 at AtB service center.

Top up t:card

Top up and pay in webshop for t:card, at AtB service center or on board region buses and boats. Note that a periodic ticket does not start before you validate the t:card on a card reader.

Top up and pay in webshop for t:card, at AtB service center or on board in areas not covered by the webshop. As of today you can not top up the card on your mobile phone. This will be possible in a new version of the webshop in the first quarter of 2018.


In the Trondheim area you can board the green city buses and tram without validating, as long as you have a valid ticket. On reagion bus and night bus you have to validate upon boarding.

t:card in the Trondheim area

With periodic ticket on t: card, you must validate your t:card when you have a brand new periodic ticket, after the old one expires.

If you have a t:card with auto travel, you must validate your t:card on each trip so that a ticket is charged. 

If not, you do not have a valid ticket.

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