Ticket machines for zone A (ex. Stor-Trondheim)

On combined ticket and parking machines in Trondheim city center and at AtB's own ticket machines, you can buy a ticket for Stor-Trondheim and night bus. Pay with credit card or cash (ticket machines do not give change back).

Note! Technical difficulties on combined ticket and parking machines

Unfortunately, there are technical difficulties with the combined parking and ticket machines. This means that you can not buy a bus ticket on these. Ticket machines on the bus stop are not affected and still work.

On the ticket machines you can buy:

  • Single ticket for passenger categories adult, child, senior, military, dog and bicycle.
  • 24 hour ticket.
  • Night Bus Ticket.

The ticket is valid for 90 minutes from the moment of purchase. Show the ticket to the driver upon boarding.

See map of ticket machines in Trondheim

Alfabetic list of ticket machines

Ticket macines at bus stops

Dalen hageby in both directions
Kongens gate K1/K2
Munkegata M2/M4
Prinsens gate P1/P2

Zone A

  • All of Trondheim and Klæbu.
  • Malvik until last stops Hommelvik bomstasjon (E6), Muruvik (FV24) and Isdammen (FV963).
  • Melhus until last stops Ler (E6) and Eidsli in Skaun (709).
  • Skaun until last stops Lundan (FV800), Børskrysset (E39) and Eggkleiva (709).

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