SMS-ticket for zone A (ex. Stor-Trondheim)

Purchase your ticket in zone A (ex. Stor-Trondheim) and for night bus by sending the right code, for example [VOKSEN], to 2027. The ticket is valid for 90 minutes from the moment of purchase. Show your ticket to the driver upon boarding. Note that the SMS-ticket only is valid on the phone used to purchase the ticket, and that a forwarded SMS-ticket is invalid.


  • Voksen
  • Barn
  • Honnør
  • Sykkel
  • Militær
  • 24t
  • Natt1
  • Natt2
  • Natt3

24-hour ticket is only available for adult via SMS.

Natt1 is valid in Trondheim, Natt2 from Trondheim to Klæbu, Malvik, Melhus og Skaun, and Natt3 from Trondheim to Stjørdal and Orkdal.

Purchase several tickets by writing a space and how many tickets you need after the code word, for example [BARN 3].

Payment is automatic with AtB Mobillett konto or phone bill. The ticket is automatically paid with AtB Mobillett konto if your balance is sufficient. If you don't have one, or if the balance is insufficient, payment is automatically done with phone bill.

Code words translated:

  • Voksen - Adult
  • Barn - Child
  • Honnør - Senior
  • Sykkel - Bike
  • Militær - Army
  • 24t - 24 hours
  • Natt1 - Night 1
  • Natt2 - Night 2
  • Natt3 - Night 3

Zone A 

  • All of Trondheim and Klæbu.
  • Malvik until last stops Hommelvik bomstasjon (E6), Muruvik (FV24) and Isdammen (FV963).
  • Melhus until last stops Ler (E6) and Eidsli in Skaun (709).
  • Skaun until last stops Lundan (FV800), Børskrysset (E39) and Eggkleiva (709).

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