AtB`s Online Store

AtB’s Online Store can be used to top-up the value on your t:card or purchase periodic tickets for tram or bus in Southern and Northern Trøndelag.

The periodic tickets have pre-defined geographical distances, and you can choose a flexible length of period from 7 to 180 days. Purchases made at the Online Store are paid by Visa or MasterCard.

How to use the Online Store

It is necessary to be in possession of a t:card in order to use AtB’s Online Store. Order your t:card here (in Norwegian).

  • Establishing an Account (information in Norwegian)
  • Register as a user and create a user account
  • You choose a username and password when the account is created.
  • Terms of the purchase over the Internet must be approved in order to use the Online Store.

AtB`s Online store - login

  • Log on to our Online Store with your user name and password.
  • You can link one or more t:cards to your user account.
  • Each registered t:card can be linked to a chosen name or free text to easily identify which t:card you have linked to your account
  • Purchases of product and / or top-up of value
  • Select the t:card product you wish to add to your t:card
  • Buy travel products (period) or top-up the value

The purchase transaction will be processed at 4:30 am every morning and you can use your t:card at the card reader on the bus the very next day.

Purchased products or top-up will be activated as soon as the t:card connects with a reader on board the bus or the tram.

NB! At the completion of payment you should return to the page that says "Your purchase is completed". If this does not happen, the product purchase or the top-up is most likely not registered in the Online Store.

Payment transactions might appear as completed on your online bank statement temporarily, but the amount is only reserved and will not be charged. The reservation will be released again after a few days in accordance with the bank's procedures.

If indoubt about the purchase being registered or not, you can go back to "recent transactions" in the Online Store. If the order is not recorded there, the purchase has not been processed and the products will consequently not be delivered. If the order is shown under "recent transactions", the purchase will be effectuated.

Secure online purchasing

Transactions made through AtB’s Online Store follow all safety instructions in relation to rules for online shopping.

You are authenticated in the Online Store by logging on with a username and password.

When the account is established, you will be sent a confirmation e-mail to your e-mail address. You will then have a limited time period to use the link in the e-mail to activate the account.

The purchase itself is recorded in the Online Store, but the actual use of the t:card on the bus or tram is not.

Payment is made through PayEx, Teller and the Credit Card companies, and follows their guidelines.

The payment is made to AtB’sown account.


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